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Easy Money: Mayweather McGregor is foolish, but that’s probably why it will happen

As talk of a Mayweather-McGregor ‘superfight’ continues, Jack Price remains sceptical about it’s merits ….


Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are the two biggest names in the world of combat sports right now. ‘Money’ Mayweather is the former pound-for-pound king of boxing and despite being retired for over a year is still by far the biggest attraction in the sport.

‘The Notorious One’ Conor McGregor is on the same sort of level in the UFC and continues to make noise and receive attention wherever he goes. And now, the two men look set to come head-to-head in what would have to be considered one of the biggest fights of all time.

Inevitably, a bout between these two men has been spoken about by fight fans for a long time. The No.1 boxer in the world against the No.1 mixed martial arts fighter on the planet. It’s a topic that has sparked debate for generations; Who would win if an impeccable boxer met a ferocious cage fighter in a fight that was somehow fair for both men? A kick-boxing contest or something along those lines would perhaps be the closest to halfway between the ring and the cage, which are entirely different worlds.

However, Mayweather and McGregor have both agreed that if this fight happens it will be in a boxing ring. A smart move from Floyd obviously, but surely a very foolish decision from Conor? The Irishman may have incredibly fast and accurate hands compared to his competitors in the UFC, but as any logical fight fan will know that doesn’t mean you can just waltz into the world of boxing and think you can beat the sports pound-for-pound king. Like I said, its different worlds.

I honestly believe the only reason this fight is apparently close to happening now, is because Mayweather knows it would be the easiest money he would ever make. And that’s not being bias to the world of boxing, it’s just common sense. I know hardcore UFC fans and MMA fighters that give Conor next to no chance as well. Floyd has made some of the best boxers of this generations look like amateurs. So what’s going to happen to when he goes up against someone who’s never actually had a boxing match before? All the sparring in the world can’t prepare you for the real thing.

I think this is why a lot of boxing fans are now becoming bored and aggravated with all the talk. If the fight happens… Great! But let’s not waste our time and breath arguing about something we already know the outcome of.

For me, it’s not necessarily good or bad for boxing if this fight does happen. Of course, I’d rather see Floyd come back and have his 50th fight against a real contender, but I do believe that is unlikely anyway. So Mayweather-McGregor is the next best thing and at least we all get to see boxing’s biggest attraction back in the ring again.

We’d also get to see him shut McGregor’s big mouth as a bonus!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97

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